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Q. Can I trust your audio?

A. Every piece of audio and video that is on my website was recorded in my home studio. This is the quality that you will receive. You can trust my WOVO approved home studio to supply the highest level of audio for your project.

Q. Do you provide live directed sessions?

A. I use Source Connect standard on a regular basis and pay for the standard version. You can also direct via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or any other web based conferencing software. My studio is equipped with extremely high speed internet.

Q. You live in the US, will it be a pain to work with your time zone?

A. No. The majority of my clients are in the UK and Europe. I wake up nice and early so I can be on live sessions that are convenient to their time-zone. If you need a live-session at 3am in my time zone then I am happy to schedule that. easy.

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Q. I see you have worked with some amazing brands, will it cost me a fortune to hire you?

A. No. My rates are based on word count, type of project and usage alone. I am happy to provide a rate sheet that I work from. They are consistent and provide exceptional value. I do not take part in the culture of charging big brands more as they have deeper pockets. I know my worth and I charge everyone the same. This rate is lower than most expect.

Q. If I hire you and I am not happy with the recording, what options do I have?

A. Although this has never happened, I provide all of my work with a money back satisfaction guarantee. I supply unlimited free revisions due to performance on my part and will do everything to make it right. If I can't make it right - you will not be invoiced. Simple.


Q. I need to be able to trust my VO talent to stick to the schedule and provide exceptional service. Can I trust you?

I pride myself that I have never missed a deadline or failed to deliver the level of quality a client has asked for. But don't just take it from me, go to my Google Business page and read the amazing 5 star reviews that my existing clients have left me:

Five star Google Reviews


Q. How easy is it to work with you directly?

I try and make your life as easy as possible. I record from my professional home studio.
You can send the script and let me self direct. I will send you the files within 24 hours of completion for approval.
You can connect to my studio using SourceConnect and direct the session live.
You can listen in to my session via phone, Skype, Zoom or any other online method.
I am a registered business and will send you a professional invoice from my online accounting software.
You can pay with whatever method is easier for you. Bank transfer, PayPal, credit or debit card, Transferwise, Apple Pay or many other methods.

My philosophy to to make our interaction a breeze so you can concentrate on the other important parts of your project.

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