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If there is one thing that the pandemic has reminded me, it is that we are all human. I don’t mean it in the sense that we are all mortal and any of us could catch it. It just struck me as I watch all of the Skype, Zoom and other web streaming interviews on TV that we don’t live in a shiny, slick, well produced world and your kids could disturb your interview at any time! And that’s a good thing.

And that’s why I have really enjoyed some of the live TV lately. It reminds us that none of us are perfect. We live in a messy world. We should be able to laugh at mistakes and understand that sometimes they cannot be controlled. Life is raw. Instead of hearing crystal clear, studio-based audio from performers, we have heard some amazing raw audio which actually brought their work to another level. Video streaming has meant that interviewers have to give the interview time to breathe due to latency and that has led to less interruptions and more listening.

In truth, we all spend way too much time exerting a persona that isn’t quite the real deal. We think that we are not good enough just to be ourselves and figure that we need a little embellishment to make us seem a little more attractive to the rest of the world. It’s actually a little sad. If you ask many of the most successful people out there the secret to their success, many will reply that believing in yourself for who you are is right up at the top. I actually just signed up for Masterclass and was watching the class presented by Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein this morning, who confirmed the very same thing!

And that is something I have found is true in my many careers. It wasn’t until I became comfortable with myself and truly believed I was good at what I did, that I was able to move to the next level. To really start to do amazing things. There is something about accepting yourself. With all the many different feelings such as insecurity, imposter syndrome, confidence, self-belief. Whatever your chosen career, I believe you can only be successful when you start to realize you are good enough.

So, be confident in who you are. We are all going to make mistakes. We all need to adapt to changing landscapes and situations. Now, more than ever (I had to add at least one Covid 19 cliché!), people understand that the world is a messier place than we really imagined, and they accept the reality of this. It makes us all feel a little more normal.

Do yourself a favor – just be more “you”. Be real. Be the person that you truly are deep down inside. This is what makes you unique. It’s what makes you stand out. And if your naked spouse interrupts your next Skype video meeting or your kid asks for Cookies during a Live recorded session, hey, just make sure you record it so you can laugh at it for many years to come.

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