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5 steps to create a great brand story.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

British Voice Over
Create a great brand story with voice over

Some people forget about what we are supposed to do in the creative advertising industry. With the day to day hustle and bustle that goes on it can get you off track. But it’s quite simple. We are here to tell a story. A story that will help a brand sell its products or services.

Now, I can assure you that I am not saying that telling a story is easy. Creating a fantastic story is extremely difficult. The pre-work that goes in. Client discovery, creating a story board, writing amazing copy, finding just the right soundtrack and then finding the perfect voiceover. There are a lot of things that can go wrong.

That’s why it’s important to trust professionals with all of these important moving parts. A great copywriter can make all the difference. The same with a production company, sound engineer or voice over. All these parts can have a huge bearing on the final product.

Here are 5 steps help you stay on track:

1. Be laser focused on the story. Have a story board or outline that shows the framework of how to get from the beginning to the end. Everything you do from that point on should guide the viewer through that storyline. Stray off track and you can water down the message you want to get across.

2. Don’t add in stuff just because it’s cool. It will end up detracting from the message. If you can add something cool and innovating that has a direct relationship to the story, then go for it. But if you are just trying to show off then leave it out.

3. Sound is extremely important. It can draw people into a certain atmosphere that can set the story up perfectly. If you choose a soundtrack just because you like the band or sound engineer that created it, it could actually detract from the story. Test several different soundtracks to see which one adds to the story the best.

4. We are here to be creative but don’t forget the brand. Yes, the project will be your baby and you want to show the world how good you are. Just remember that the end goal is help the brand sell more products. Always ask yourself – does whatever I am doing service the brand?

5. When searching for a voiceover for your project, always give them as much information as possible when looking for auditions. They are not mind readers and will give you a much better read if you set the scene up for them. Send them the storyboard or even the rough cut of the video. If that is not possible, give them a good description of the story and how you envisage it sounding.

By following these 5 steps, it can help you maintain the focus on what the client is paying you to do. Create a story that will help the brand sell more product and entertain people while doing so.

Click on the link below and find out more about the brands who trusted me to provide their voice and the great stories I have been involved in.

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