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Dare you enter the Comfort Zone?

The Comfort Zone. Sounds like really nice place to be. All cozy, welcoming and a place that encourages the wearing of your most comfortable sweatpants. And who doesn’t like wearing sweatpants! Unfortunately, staying in your sweatpants all day, every day really never got anyone anywhere. Well, Covid’s changed that a little bit but you get my point.

In any career, it is very easy to fall into into a rut. A groove that is so deep, it rivals the Grand Canyon. It just makes life easier. We know what to do, we get OK results and we don’t have to feel uncomfortable. We’re OK with just OK because we don’t have to face any of our fears. We don’t take ourselves to places that we don’t have control over. And may some mythical deity strike mercy into anyone who pushes any boundaries!

Obviously, this is slightly facetious. OK, maybe overtly facetious but it should make you think about how far you have been pushing yourself lately. None of us are immune to falling into the rut. It is just that some are more self-aware than others and catch themselves before the spiral really grabs hold. Taking regular classes in an area that is extremely uncomfortable for you is a great way to navigate away from the edges of the giant rut precipices.

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking some improv classes. I had to force myself to do it. The same thoughts that most people have rushed through my head before I signed up. What if I make a fool of myself? What if I’m shit? What if people laugh at me (and not for the right reasons!). These are natural thoughts to have. After reading many excellent self-help and personal improvement books, I have learned to turn these thoughts around. What if I make a great impression? What if I’m awesome? What if people laugh at me for the right reasons? And I’m glad I took the classes. It was liberating, fun and taught me some really great skills that I’ve already used. I would recommend it to anyone.

As part of your goals and daily affirmations (yeah, I know that sounds a bit new age), give yourself permission to get out of your comfort zone. No, strike that, make yourself commit to a plan that takes you out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. And don’t forget to get out of your sweatpants once in a while. They’re really not a great look and don’t get me started on those spaghetti stains!

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