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I have an opinion about your opinion!

Opinions. Everyone has them. It’s one of those things that stands us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. The ability to form thoughts in our mind based on how we feel and the information we have at hand. 2 human beings can have completely differing opinions about the same thing. Everything external to that “thing” is the same, it is the internal consciousness of the two people that differ. Which is an amazing thing and should be cherished. It is part of what drives the human race and society to constantly reevaluate itself and adapt to the changing world around us.

A woman who was brought up in a poor family and had to start working at the age of 12 to help support her family is going to have completely differing opinions about many things than a man who was born into affluence, raised by nannies, and never had to do a day’s work in his adolescent life. Does that make either of their opinions wrong? Oooh, now that’s a tough question. And the simple answer is no, neither of their opinions are “wrong”. They are based purely on their life experience, social upbringing, and internal moral compass. They are not wrong, simply different.

And this is where the world is starting to show signs of a worrying trend. People are becoming so polarized in their belief systems and are starting to penalize those that do not have the same beliefs as them. Throughout history, polarization between sects of people has never, and I mean NEVER ended well.

We would still believe the world is flat (sorry “flat-earthers”) and the Sun revolves around the Earth if, as a culture, we didn’t have the ability to accept differing opinions. In fact, these examples show how difficult it can be to change societies perception of an issue. People were burned at the stake for suggesting such things! It is believed that many scientists thought the Earth was round in 300BC, yet it wasn’t widely accepted in society as whole until around the 1400’s! Yep, progress and the ability to change other people’s deeply held beliefs can take a REALLY long time. And remember, those people believed the earth was flat because of what they were told by those deemed to be Educator’s and in positions of power. They didn’t have any reason to question what they believed.

This even applies to voiceover. There are many differing opinions on who to train with, what equipment to buy, how you should get started. Most of the information comes from good intentions, yet it doesn't make it universally correct. Research, listen, engage in dialogue. You will eventually find out what is right for your voice over career.

So, please remember to be more open to hearing other people’s opinions. Listen to what others have to say with an open mind and try to refrain from constantly beating them into submission with your belief system. If you take the lead and listen to their point of view it will be more likely that they then listen to your point of view. Then, healthy dialogue can take place. You made find out the affluent spoiled brat, yearns for a sense of purpose or the hard-working woman has found a work ethic that has served her well for her life. We are all different. That should not be a cause for concern but a reason to celebrate. Just my opinion.

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