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Voice Over and Zoom Groups.

Zoom rooms are awesome! Voice over is a very lonely profession at times. Closed in your home studio with little real-life interactions with your colleagues in the industry. Conferences are great and were fantastic for meeting some amazing people. Then Covid struck and many of us thought that we would miss out on getting to meet old and new friends. And most of all, miss out on personal interactions.

Then technology comes and along and does something amazing! We sometimes get a little blasé about new technology. We should remember that 20 years ago, many would not believe you could have a high-quality video conversation with someone on the other side of the world – FOR FREE! I think online communication platforms have been an absolute game changer. Both personally and professionally. I have spoken to more family members and voice over colleagues this year then ever before using Zoom and Facetime. Family quizzes, work out sessions, Birthday parties etc. etc. And it fills the soul. Human interaction is essential to life.

It’s never been a better time to sign up to Zoom groups. It gives you the opportunity to be in the same room with some really cool people. People who have been in the voice over business for a long time and have great information. The rooms are usually very relaxed, and you never know who might drop in. Information is shared, stories are told, successes are celebrated and so much more.

So, do yourself a favor. If you don’t Zoom regularly then make it a resolution for 2021. You can join the room and sit in the background and listen (although it’s much more fun to take part). But most of all you will be interacting with others who love this profession as much as you do. That can only lead to good things. Hopefully I’ll see you in a room soon!

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