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2021 - Let's kick some &*!

It’s been a pretty shit year. Actually, it’s been a monumentally historic shit year. A year that will be talked about for many years to come. And I hope you got through it OK. Truly I do. Some people have fared better than others business wise, but we should never lose focus of those who have been affected worse than ourselves. I am reminded of this each time I send a marketing email out and I receive many bounced replies saying this person no longer works there. So sad.

As Christmas and the New Year approaches, don’t forget that creatives enjoy life more, and can be more creative, when they interact with the world. Whether it is via Facetime, Zoom or socially distanced real-life interaction, it just makes us feel better when we have a chance to chat. So, join as many group chats as you can until we can have the pleasure of seeing each other again and the ability to give our new and old friends big welcoming hugs in real life.

Most of all, I wish you all the best for 2021. I truly believe that the creative world is going to kick some ass next year and hopefully we can all be part of it. I am the eternal optimist. What this year has taught me is that no matter how bad things are, time still passes, the world keeps spinning and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to what the end of this stench filled tunnel brings. I’ve got my mind set on a monumentally historic year filled with happiness and success. And that goes for everyone I know.

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