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But it's not my fault

Accountability is a tough word. Many people go through their life and believe that blaming others at every opportunity is a good choice. Never accepting responsibility for the situation they are in, which makes it nearly impossible for them to get out of that same situation. And that’s understandable. Most of us have been there.

But holding yourself accountable is actually quite freeing. It allows you to work out what you are doing wrong and then make adjustments. Have you been able to create a new client recently? If not, don’t blame the economy or Covid or whatever else. Take a deep breath and realize that it is probably because you haven’t reached out to enough people. If you have the skills and you are working, then getting new clients is just a numbers game. You have to reach out consistently and sooner or later your email will hit the inbox just at the right time when someone is looking for the service that you provide.

Some people call it luck. Sorry, but you create your own luck. Even with the lottery. If you don’t buy a ticket – then all the luck in the world is not going to make you a winner. And winning a job should not be considered luck. You are doing yourself an injustice if that is what you believe. Why would you do that? You got the job because somebody thought you had more skill than everyone else. They saw something in you that made them want to pay you for your services. That is no small thing. That is a huge thing!

There is a upside to holding yourself accountable. Yeah, it may sound a bit “sucky” to have to take responsibility for all the shitty things that happen to you. Don’t dwell on that. Instead, look at the positive side. You must take responsibility for all the good things that happen too. You booked a job – that was nobody else but you who did that. You got a new agent – again, that was all you baby! You heard your voice on national TV - take a nice deep breath, nod your head and take a moment to really feel how awesome you actually are!

So, don’t let others control your life. Concentrate on what you can control. The things that you can make a difference with. Training, marketing, auditioning, and learning. Be relentless, be bold and hold yourself accountable at every step. I’ll be there supporting you on the sidelines. And you’ll be surprised by how many others will be there too.

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1 Comment

Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander
Nov 10, 2020

Hmmm...Donald Trump, anyone? :-)

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