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Flying by your what?

OK Craig, what are you going to write about this week? Mmmm, how about….nope. This……nope. Crap, why is this so hard! And in truth, it is like many other parts of the voice over industry. This business is difficult. If anyone tells you otherwise, then I need to know their secret. I said difficult. That doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. In fact, the hard work you need to put is one of things you should enjoy most. It makes the pay off so much more exhilarating!

Flying by the seat of your pants. Wait, as I typed that I though what a strange saying! Anyway. You should never get caught up in the mindset that you don’t know what you are doing. In truth, we are all making our journey’s up as we go along. Some are more organized and structured than others, but it doesn’t mean they are more successful. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in thinking we have to be doing things the way others do. You might find that doing it your way is WAY more successful.

You are selling you. Don’t forget that. When you are marketing or selling yourself, your unique selling point (USP) is YOU. Always keep that top of mind and never forget it. When writing emails, don’t use cookie cutter templates that someone says will bring you a 6-figure income. Write emails that are personal. That show your personality. That come from an honest place. Yes, it can be bloody hard to do this sometimes, yet it is really worth it. And don’t overthink it! (Craig – listen to yourself on this one!)

Forge your own path. We spend a lot of time discussing these things with others in the voice over community. Listening to what others have to say and how they approach their business. And then many people think that either they can’t do that, because it’s not who they are or that they can do exactly the same and get the same results. It just doesn’t work that way. Take all the info that you learn and then sit down and see how it could apply to you. Make it your own. Put your own twist on it. It takes a bit of work but it will make all the difference.

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