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I like what I have to say!

So what makes me stand out in this huge behemoth industry that we call voice over? I'd like to think that I bring a huge amount of "life" to every project I am involved in. What does "life" mean I hear you say? Well, I like to think I've done a lot in the more than 40 years I have been on this blue and green spinning sphere! Let me explain.

I have had so many jobs! Deep breath - I've been a paperboy, shelf filler, fruit and veg seller, Nightclub DJ, microwave meal maker, roofer, restaurant host, customer service rep, restaurant server, ATM machine packager, Nightclub DJ again!, outside marketer, slot machine technician, slot machine manager, DJ again!, bus driver, Offshore Field Service Engineer, Service manager, Training manager and Voice Actor (Forgive me if I left anything out!).

Breath out.

I have emigrated from the UK to the USA 3 times (legally just in case ICE is reading this!). Yep, that's right - 3 times! I suppose I just like to follow my heart and do stuff rather than just sit and think about it. Sometimes it worked - sometimes it didn't. But I learned so much.

I learned about me, I learned about other people, I learned how I fit in with other people and how to communicate easily and effectively. But most of all I learned about LIFE. Like NIKE. My motto is just do it!

I married a wonderful woman - my best friend and we have 4 kids. Some planned - some not so much! They fill my days with color and noise, emotion and honesty, love and hate, contentment and fulfillment. They keep me grounded and also lift me up. As Jerry Macguire kinda once said "they complete me".

I am not a traditional actor. I am not a "Luvvie". I am glad of that. I am working class. I am life experience. I am hard work and knowing what it takes to get things done.

I know I don't have the voice of James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman or Don LaFontaine. But I don't want their voices. I know I will never be the next voice for Dodge RAM. I'm good with that. I just like being me. I like MY voice. But most of all, I like what I have to say!

So if you like what I have to say, why not get in touch and maybe we can do some cool stuff together!

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