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Just say YES!

Don’t be afraid to say YES! Taking on new things that are out of our wheelhouse and challenging is scary. I get it. But they are also the things that can invigorate us and give you a new impetus in whatever you are doing. The fear of failure, embarrassment, ridicule, and a host of many other things is very powerful and can cloud our judgement sometimes. Causing us to make decisions that may not be beneficial.

This is not the same as agreeing to do something that you know you can’t do. If you are a Brit like me and asked if I can do a convincing US accent, then no is a good answer if you have not had dialect coaching. But that should then drive you to get the dialect training required so you do have a convincing accent. Someone asked if you can - so that means there is a demand for it.

I love quoting those more intelligent than me. “Be not afraid of discomfort. If you can't put yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable, then you will never grow. You will never change. You'll never learn.” Never a truer word said by Jason Reynolds, American Author, in my opinion. And I think the learning part is the most important. If you don’t fail then you can’t learn from mistakes, change, and apply them to become better. Yes, it can seem that it is better to sidestep uncomfortable situations when they are presented. I get that. But these are the things that will stretch you, take you places you never expected and will always leave you a better person. Even if the lesson learned is never to that thing again!

Since embodying this idea I have become a better person. Over the last year I have taken acting classes, flying lessons, singing lessons, been interviewed on a Podcast, been selected as a finalist for the Ultimate VO Survivor competition and so much more. Yes, is liberating! It has now become my default answer to nearly everything (unless it means harming people or animals in any way). Embrace the uncertainty. Relish in it. It is the elixir of life in my opinion.

So, give it a try. Next time someone asks to you do something that would get you out of your comfort zone, give them a loud and proud “hell yeah!”. Experiences make you a better person – a better actor. It allows you to pull on those emotions that you felt when you were in an uncomfortable situation. Embarrassment, unease, invigoration, anticipation and so much more. And hopefully, like me, it affects your life in such a positive way that it is almost transforming.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is in no way responsible for any adverse result causes by a reader saying yes to some stupid shit that may put them in danger or peril. Have a nice day!

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