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Does your phone get in the way of making memories?

I think I may have just had the best weekend of my life! And it wasn’t voice over related! On Friday May 28 I was proud to see my son marry the love of his life in Houston, TX. Everything about the event was utter perfection. The venue, the music, the piper, the food and most of all the family and friends. I cried happy tears so many times. I may have even “ugly cried” once or twice, but I don’t think anyone has proof!

On Saturday we spent the day with the in-laws on Lake Conroe at their Lake House. Another amazing day with friends and family, good food and beautiful weather. On Sunday, we returned the favor and held a pool party at our house. The whole weekend was an absolute blast, but it wasn’t until Sunday night that I found out how good it was. After all the frivolity had subsided, I eventually sat down and looked at my phone. I took 1 picture, yes ONE picture of the whole weekend.

Being present. It wasn’t a choice I made before the weekend started. I was just so enraptured with the whole weekend that every moment was a treasure I wanted to experience with my mind, not with a phone pointed at it. The emotions that were felt over the weekend seemed to be amplified by the fact I wasn’t trying to capture it on a device for posterity. The moments were being enjoyed for what they were. Heartwarming, laughter inducing and tear creating moments that will never be forgotten for as long as I live.

And it will improve my voice over performances. What makes all of us unique in voice over is our life experiences. We all bring our own stories with us and that bleeds into our performances. It is inevitable and should be embraced. The more experiences you have, the more you can pull from them. This weekend has added so many more emotions that I can use to get in character for an audition. Proud – check. Overwhelmed – check. Elated – check. The list goes on.

So, as life start to get back to some sort of normal, get back out and start experiencing things again. And instead of taking pictures at every opportunity, take some time to just enjoy it. Really pay attention to how it makes you feel deep down inside. That personal memory and the associated feelings will be worth way more to you in the long term than a quick post on Facebook. Which reminds me, still no Facebook evidence of my “ugly cry”. Long may that continue.

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